Folsom Carpet Cleaners

Folsom Carpet Cleaning by California Xtreme Steam.  Our friendly and highly trained carpet cleaning technicians are buzzing along East Bidwell in Folsom, cleaning carpets for the friendly Folsom residents.  If you see our carpet cleaning van, give us a wave.  We are there for you for all of your carpet cleaning needs as well as carpet restoration and carpet replacement.  Our High Quality truck mounted carpet cleaning system is one of the best available.  If you are a resident or a business owner in the Folsom, CA area, we are the carpet cleaners for you.  Have a carpet with a tough spot you can’t seem to get rid of?  Let us clean it for you.  Our carpet cleaning technicians are experts at removing stains in carpeting.  Our Truck mounted carpet cleaning machine makes it possible by heating the water to more than 320 degrees.  The truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is a powerful machine and enables our carpet cleaning technicians to extract most of the water from the carpeting, leaving the carpet free of excess water or residue.  If having dry carpets right away is important to you, we will even bring in our carpet drying fans after your carpets have been cleaned which will leave your carpets dry by the time our carpet cleaning technician leaves your Folsom home.  Folsom residents that want great customer service along with clean carpets use California Xtreme Steam to clean their carpets.  Call us today to schedule your carpet cleaning if you are a Folsom resident.  (916)933-6224