Carpet Cleaning

Our Guarantee

You get a 100% Guarantee:  “If any spots return within 30 days after cleaning, we come back at NO CHARGE.

Only Environmentally Safe Products are used when cleaning your carpet.  Our cleaning products are safe for children as well as pets. But don’t let the gentleness of the product fool you. Our carpet cleaning system is highly effective in removing some of the toughest stains.  Our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained professionals and use unique cleaning systems for each unique tough stain.   You can trust us to maintain the flooring in your entire home.

If your carpet is beyond cleaning, our team is able to repair or replace your carpeting as well.  From stretching, to mending, to installation of a new carpeting, California Xtreme Steam is your Carpet Experts that you can trust.

What makes California Xtreme Steam Carpet Cleaning system special?

Our technicians are highly trained, IICRC certified as well as CCT and OCT certified.

IICRC:  Institute of inspections, cleaning and restoration certification

CCT:  Carpet Cleaning Technician

OCT:  Odor Control Technician

We are on the cutting edge of truck mounted steam cleaners. We are using the top of the line in truck mounted carpet/tile cleaning systems, Blue Line, Thermalwave is a powerful truck mount carpet and tile cleaning system that is creating 230 degrees of steam,  as well as the high volume of vacuum that is being created by our four cylinder Nissan motor.

For those who seek more knowledge, This carpet cleaning system creates 526 cubic feet per minute of vacuum. 

What does this mean to you?  It means that the high pressure steam is breaking down the dirt without grinding it into the carpet, and the powerful vacuum will allow your carpet to be dry even quicker.

Are your chemicals safe for my children and Pets?

Absolutely,  Our cleaning products are safe for your children and pets.  They are non toxic, environmentally safe and leave no residue.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

It is recommended by Shaw Industries, the leading carpet manufacturer, to have your carpets Truck Mounted Steam Cleaned every six months to a year.  Of course the need for carpet cleaning can vary depending on the amount of traffic on the carpet.

How long does it take the carpets to dry?

With our powerful cleaning system,  The drying time is reduced.  In most cases you can expect the carpets to be dry within four to six hours.  Carpets requiring heavier restoration can take up to 24 hours. (This is for extreme cases)

How do I prepare my home for the carpet cleaning day?

We ask that you have your carpets free of clutter as well as any large debris.  It is recommended that you vacuum your carpets prior to our technician arriving.

California Xtreme steam, along with most carpet manufacturers, recommends adding a protectant to your carpet.  The protectant seals your carpet from accepting spills and pet messes that would normally be absorbed into the carpet fibers.  We use name brand, Dupont Teflon and Scotch Guard for your carpet protection.

Remember, you’re protected by our 100% Guarantee:  “If any spots return within 30 days after cleaning, we come back at NO CHARGE.